Enabling Operational Safety Performance

For leaders seeking to build their capabilities for engaging people in safety & operational improvements.

Lisa Shreeve
10 Weeks
Upcoming Program Dates:

19th March 2024 – SOLD OUT

1st October 2024 – SOLD OUT


Enabling Improved Performance

In this level we introduce tools and techniques to effectively enable performance improvements. We start with the importance of understanding the gap between work as imagined and work as done and then focus on effective communication, facilitating change and understanding risk perception.

Understanding Operational Safety

This level builds capabilities for engaging in effective safety observations through a focus on the practical aspects of safe systems of work, supervision, situational awareness and task focus, then pausing and safely restarting work.

Personal Capstone Project

There is no learning without action. Participants develop and implement a safety improvement initiative to solve a current work issue by using some of the tools, frameworks and techniques learnt through the program.

“The EOSP program provides a structured approach and a skill set for personnel that work closely with operations to engage and influence work groups to plan collaboratively and execute work that achieves timely and safe outcomes.”

Phil Johnston, Safety & Health Advisor, Tronox, Saudi Arabia

Program Fees

2024 Fees – USD 2,074 per participant (excluding taxes)

We also offer custom programs to organisations wishing to create an ‘in-house’ learning experience. This is an effective way of building the capability of leaders throughout your entire organisation.
Learn about our Program Delivery Options here.

Safety Futures Ltd operates out of the UAE where additional taxes are not applied to professional fees.
When direct or withholding taxes are payable in any participant’s jurisdiction they will be added to the base fee.
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Program Schedule

WEEKS 1 - 5
Enabling Improved Performance

M1 Program Overview

M2 The 4 C’s of Effective Communication

M3 How to Facilitate Change

M4 Understand Risk Perception

1 week break

WEEKS 6 - 9
Understanding Operational Safety

M5 Safe Systems of Work and SHAPED Supervision

M6 Balancing Situational Awareness and Task Focus to Improve Safety

M7 Stopping and Safely Restarting Work

M8 How to do an Effective Safety Observation


Enabling the Safety of Work

M9 Personal Capstone Project

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