The benefits and impacts of our relatively small actions today will amplify over time.



Maximise knowledge, minimise footprint.

CO2 Reduction

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Our commitment to people and planet.

Emission reduction estimates are calculated using a comparative formula employed by Caird et al (2015) which determined CO2 generated by online versus traditional classroom teaching. These calculations are expressed in terms of CO2 not in CO2e.

Reference:  Caird, S., Lane, A., Swithenby, E., Roy, R. and Potter, S. (2015), “Design of higher education teaching models and carbon impacts”, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 16 No. 1, pp. 96-111.

Development of Capabilities

Everything we do is about supporting capability development in industry.

Across our programs, we work with people representing a broad spectrum of roles including Frontline workers, Safety Specialists, Supervisors and Managers, Engineers, Work Schedulers, Project Managers, Human Resources, Executives and Company Directors.

We have experience improving operational and safety performance across many industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Warehousing & Logistics, Power Generation & Distribution, Government Agencies, Health,  Manufacturing, Shipping, Nuclear facilities, Defence, Policing and Emergency Services.

Scholarships & pro bono support


In our own way, we try to make a difference.

Each year we offer a number of opportunities for access to our expertise, programs, scholarships and sponsorships for people committed to their personal development. Apply below if any of these sound of value to you.


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Bursary offers to charities, non profits or NGOs

Bursary offer to charities

Apply below if you represent a Non Profit or NGO and you believe our programs may help the capability development of your people or improve your operational performance.

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