Advanced Safety Professional Practice

For Safety Professionals seeking to enhance their capabilities & effectiveness.

Dr. David Provan
12 Weeks
Upcoming Program Dates:

18th Mar 2024 – Enrolments Closed

26th Aug 2024 – Taking Enrolments

Are you in a safety role or leading a safety team? This program covers 5 core capabilities and 20 critical skills for a safety professional to effectively impact the safety of work in an organisation.

Program Content

The content in this 12 week bootcamp is deeply instructional and loaded with practical examples.
Creating Influence

Safety professionals don’t make many of the key decisions that influence the safety of work in organisations and to be effective they need stakeholders to listen to their advice. For this reason, we view the ability to create influence as the cornerstone capability for any safety professional to be effective. In this level we cover how to effectively build relationships, use humble inquiry, coach others and have difficult conversations in a constructive way.

Managing Risk

Safety professionals need to understand and foresee risk within their organisation and also drive proactive outcomes. In this level we develop skills in risk psychology, risk assessment, risk reduction and control effectiveness.

Managing Work

Safety professionals need to be able to embed repeatable business processes to institutionalise the management of work and safety in their organisation. In this level we develop skills in management systems, prescribing work, identifying and removing safety clutter and assurance.

Leading Change

To make a ‘safety journey’ a reality, safety professionals need to be able to lead, drive and facilitate organisational improvement. In this level we develop skills in change management, diagnosing opportunities, building strategy and evaluating improvement.

Facilitating Learning

Safety professionals need to be key contributors to organisational learning by leveraging learning opportunities. In this level we develop skills in understanding work, incident investigation, learning teams and monitoring performance.

The program starts with introductory missions on safety science and the safety profession. As the program nears completion, participants develop their action plans to continue their learning and translate their new capabilities into improved role effectiveness.

“Safety Futures successfully delivered a customised version of its Advanced Safety Professional Practice program to AmazonThis further enhanced our commitment to positively impacting day-to-day operations. What we learned will help the team further strengthen its ability to influence safety improvement initiatives. Perhaps one of the best things about the program isn’t just what we learned but how much we actually enjoyed engaging in the program.”
Oli Sanandres, Senior Regional Manager WHS, Amazon, UK

Program Fees

2024 Fees – AUD 4,000 per participant (excluding GST/Taxes)

We also offer custom programs to organisations wishing to transform their safety function. Enrolling an entire safety team on a dedicated and focused journey of peer learning and reflection builds capability and strengthens relationships.
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Safety Futures Pty Ltd operates out of Australia.
When direct or withholding taxes are payable in any participant’s jurisdiction they will be added to the base fee.
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Program Schedule

WEEKS 1 - 2
Getting Started

M1   Safe Systems of Work
M2   Safety Science & the Profession


WEEKS 3 – 4
Creating Influence

M3   Relationships
M4   Coaching

WEEKS 5 – 6
Managing Risk

M5   Risk Assessment
M6  Control Effectiveness

WEEKS 7 - 8
Managing Work

M7  Management Systems
M8 Safety Clutter

WEEKS 9 - 10
Leading Change

M9  Facilitating Change
M10 Safety Strategy

WEEKS 11 - 12
Facilitating Learning

M11  Learning About Work as Done
M12  Understanding Performance


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