All our programs are focused on delivering these outcomes…

Moving from monologue to dialogue

“Only by having an outward mindset and willingness to have effective conversations, can an organisation learn about what is going well and where it needs to take action to improve.  The EOSP program effectively teaches the influencing skills to engage frontline teams and introduces a common language and new practical frameworks that ultimately enhance end-to-end activity.  By better enabling work, the end result is engaged and motivated work teams, with greater understanding and a greater probability of sustaining safe outcomes.”

Dylan Audeyev
VP SHEQ, TRONOX, Australia

Increased trust
“The SLSM program, and especially the mission on, training, mentoring and coaching, has really made me reflect on myself and my team. The human conditions and psychological elements of the course have been of particular interest to me. I genuinely feel I have improved my knowledge, skills, and communication by doing the course and the new knowledge acquired will make myself and my management team better leaders and communicators, and have helped us build even more trust throughout the whole team”.

David Schuller
Operations Manager, Eurolink Motorway Operations M3 Ltd, England

Shifting towards effective pre-task collaborative planning

“In the beginning we were all a bit sceptical about a program being delivered online but that changed after first couple of missions. I particularly enjoyed the dialog that expressed different views on things. Most importantly my team truly enjoyed the program and all the feedback I got was positive. Towards the end of the program we changed the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and the new OIM attended a couple of sessions. The first question he asked was Why don’t we do this on other rigs?

Thanks for all the excellent coaching and I look forward to working with you again. Something that I will never forget, ‘Leadership by relationship’.  It is so obvious but is so powerful especially with local culture. It opens up the ability of the team to engage in collaborative planning, which changes the ability of the team to plan and execute work safely and efficiently.”

Goran Misic
Rig Manager, SEADRILL, Mexico

“As a pilot, effective flight planning is critical to both safety and efficiency.  The collaborative planning techniques I learned on the Safety Futures SLSM program have lifted what I already thought was a strength to the next level, which is allowing me to better support my colleagues and frontline leaders to improve how we plan and deliver our work safely and efficiently.”

Josh Adam
Deputy Head of Flying Operations, Ventia

Shifting to a practical focus on hazard identification & management vs. a theoretical focus on risk
“Completing the Safety Futures SLSM program has significantly changed the way in which my team and I assess the situation of a worksite by using a hazard-based approach with real and effective controls put into place compared to previously relying on a risk-based approach which resulted in too much reliance on soft controls and luck to work safely.”

Matthew Oar
Area Manager, Ergon Energy, Australia